French pharmaceutical company contracts with Health Canada to supply its RayDyLyo® capping solution for COVID-19 vaccines for entire population of Canada

St Egrève, France; November 2020


ARaymondlife, a French pharmaceutical company with recognized expertise in plastic processing, is proud to support the Canadian government by supplying its RayDyLyo® caps for the future distribution of COVID-19 vaccines across Canada.
ARaymondlife’s know-how in thermoplastic injection and bi-injection molding allows it to design and produce parts suitable for this important endeavor, and the company is proud to be chosen to play a role in efforts to fight COVID and limit infections in Canada.
"ARaymondlife is honored to be part of the COVID-19 response for Canada," said Nicolas Thivant, President of ARaymondlife.
Specializing in the manufacture of primary and secondary packaging, ARaymondlife offers the RayDyLyo pharmaceutical packaging range, an all-plastic push-fit capping solution that will simplify and secure the capping operation of the vaccination vials.

Part of government plan

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government has put into place a national response plan, which includes the willingness to ensure its complete independence for the future vaccination campaign as soon as a vaccine becomes available. ARaymondlife and the government of Canada have entered into a supply agreement for RayDyLyo caps for the COVID vaccines.
Within this framework, Health Canada has anticipated the purchase and storage of components essential to the manufacture of future drugs, namely the vials and closure systems for its vials. At the same time, Health Canada has also secured industrial capacities for the manufacture of the active ingredient and for the aseptic filling of the drug.
The first contacts with Health Canada were established in July 2020 and continued throughout the summer, culminating in the signature of a contract in October. The contract covers the supply of RayDyLyo pre-assembled with stoppers that is required for the manufacture and capping of the vaccines necessary for the vaccination of the entire population of Canada. 

RayDyLyo® a breakthrough innovation Made in France

Developed by the ARaymondlife design office and produced entirely in Isère, RayDyLyo® is an all-plastic push-fit cap, an alternative to aluminum capsules, suitable for all ISO stopper configurations (serum and lyo). ARaymondlife assembles the stoppers pre-validated by the customer automatically. The pre-assembly of the stopper in the RayDyLyo® cap upstream simplifies the capping of the vials in a single step in the isolator and eliminates the constraints associated to the crimping process of the aluminum caps.
Health Canada chose the RayDyLyo capping solution for the following reasons:

  • Innovative cap compatible with ISO stoppers and ISO vials
  • Closure validation on vials (CCI)
  • RTU Component - Ready-to-Use
  • Validation for use at -80°C
  • Caps availability in nest for safe capping in gloveless filling machines

“The RayDyLyo® cap helps to significantly reduce drug development time, to guarantee optimal storage of injectable drugs, to fight against the risk of counterfeit products and therefore to ensure patient safety,” explains Pascal Sircoulomb. “It represents a breakthrough for the biotechnology industry and has already been adopted by several of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies." said Pascal Sircoulomb, Business Development Director of ARaymondlife.

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