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Grenoble October 13, 2021

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Maintaining the sterility and traceability of implants during surgery is crucial to guarantee the safety and health of the patient. Thanks to its expertise in thermoplastic injection and bi-injection for the health sector, ARaymondlife has developed an innovative and patented packaging solution for orthopedic implants: OR2Pack®. This packaging solution includes a double sterile barrier that allows medical staff to safely transfer implants from a non-sterile area to a sterile area of the operating room.

A packaging solution for the secure transfer of implants

ARaymondlife introduced its new packaging solution OR2Pack® at the 2021 Pharmapack trade fair. This packaging solution is ground breaking thanks to its double sterile barrier that allows medical staff to transfer implants safely from the non-sterile area to the sterile area of the operating room, and thanks to the inner packaging, that once in the sterile area of the operating room, enables medical staff to use the implant without any direct contact, thus guaranteeing its sterility. This packaging solution is suitable for different types of implants and is available in several sizes. Its ergonomic design makes it intuitive to use.

Developed by the ARaymondlife design office, in collaboration with its team of mold experts, the OR2Pack® design has also taken user needs in account by developing a square shaped package that prevents it from rolling on surfaces, maximizes the internal storage space and provides sufficient surface space on the  outside for clear labeling. This ergonomic design makes it easy to use and the use of different colors allows quick and clear identification of the implant during the surgery.

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This packaging solution has been developed in accordance with ISO 11607 and EN 868 standards for sterile medical device packaging; it does not contain phthalate or latex. It comes ready-to-use and validated for gamma sterilization. This packaging ensures optimal protection of the implantable device and facilitates storage and handling in the operating room. Intended for implant manufacturers and their subcontractors, OR2pack® , currently undergoing industrialization, will be designed and manufactured in France, and marketed worldwide.

An innovation rewarded at the 2021 Pharmapack Awards

Launched in 1997, the Pharmapack Awards recognize the latest innovations from packaging companies within the drugs, medical devices, health products and veterinary drug sectors. They recognize innovations that have the improved drug efficacy, user safety or reduced environmental impact. The OR2pack® won the 2021 award in the primary packaging category. 

« The ARaymondlife team is very honored to receive this award and this recognition from the sector. We have developed OR2pack® with the continued support of customers deeply involved in the orthopedic industry and with the goal of optimized patient safety. We wanted to create a new standard in the field of implant packaging, allowing safe and easy transfer of implants to the sterile area of the operating room while ensuring full traceability of the implant. Compared to the existing solutions used, our solution guarantees patient safety by minimizing the risk of contamination and offers end-to-end traceability of the implant, that does not exist today.” explains Pascal Sircoulomb, Business Development Manager.

ARaymondlife’s recognized expertise in thermoplastic injection and bi-injection molding has enabled them to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare sector, including its own line of RayDyLyo® pharmaceutical products.

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ARaymondlife is a French pharmaceutical company with recognized expertise in plastic processing. ARaymondlife develops and manufactures innovative custom packaging solutions for pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetics companies. The company is located in St Egrève, Isère France. For more information, visit

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