Developed entirely by the ARaymondlife design office, RayDyLyo® was launched in 2012 as an
alternative to the aluminum cap. At the time, it responded to regulatory developments in aseptic
filling, concerning controlled atmosphere zones for the manufacture of sterile drugs, to limit the risks
of microbial and particulate contamination. Since then, thanks in particular to a number of international partners, ARaymondlife has greatly expanded the use of its closures on a large number
of filling machines, and offers a wide range of packaging options. RayDyLyo® is suitable for manual
applications in clinical batch production, as well as for isolator filling and mass production on
automatic filling lines.

With its new factory, due to open in early 2025, ARaymondlife is opening a new chapter in its

ARaymondlife conquers Big Pharma with RayDyLyo®

"We've been marketing RayDyLyo® for over 10 years, and its added value has been fully established. It is an innovative, reliable product that has become a benchmark. By investing in a new production facility, we are assuring our current and future customers that we have the capacity to produce in large quantities and supply the entire market" comments Patrick Delorme, recently appointed President of ARaymondlife.
Until now, ARaymondlife has mainly been active in the market for very high value-added molecules
(from biotechnologies such as vaccines and mRNA therapies), and supplies the world's leading
pharmaceutical companies.

ARaymondlife strengthens its product development department

ARaymondlife's strength lies in its ability to innovate for the benefit of its customers. "Unlike our competitors, we retain ownership of the concepts we develop, which are based on theARaymond Group's expertise in injection, assembly and fluid connections. The strength and stability of our group (soon to celebrate its 160th anniversary), as well as its capacity for innovation, are placed atthe service of our customers' projects" explains Patrick Delorme.

To support its ambitions and the healthcare activity, the ARaymond group is investing 66 million
euros (building and equipment) in a new production site, based in northern Isère.

ARaymondlife New plant

With a surface area almost four times larger than its predecessor (14,000 m² as opposed to 3,700 m² ), this facility will increase production capacity, for RayDyLyo®, to 250 million parts/annum, compared with 15 million today.
The 100 employees will move to the new site in early 2025. Eventually, the workforce should reach 350.

ARaymondlife - 365, Rue Irène Joliot-Curie - ZA Centr’Alp - 38340 Voreppe (France)

  • 14,000 m² site under construction; commissioning scheduled for early 2025

  • Production capacity: 250 million RayDyLyo

  • 5,800 m² of production facilities, including 1,600 m² in Iso7 and 4,200 m² in Iso8

  • Eco-responsible, low-carbonbuilding-LEED certification Silver (American equivalent of France's HQE label)

  • Architect: ARCHE 5-Owner: GSE. Most of the companies involved in the construction of this building are local firms.

  • Wood cladding and framework from the French Alps for the tertiary spaces. Particular attention has been paid to environmental impact and the use of recycled materials and furniture for tertiary spaces

With this new site, ARaymondlife's ambitions are clearly stated:

  • offer the RayDyLyo® product to all of Big Pharma, enabling them to comply with regulatory developments, particularly inaseptic filling (Annex 1 GMP);

  • develop an extensive range of accessories such as Vial Adapters* or spikes;

  • provide its customers with project teams and an organization that enables them to develop innovations in partnership mode.

* The vial adapter for fast, safe reconstitution of drugs in vials with RayDyLyo® plastic caps.

Objective 2030 : accelerate internationalization and diversification

ARaymondlife's expertise is now recognized both in France and internationally, thanks in particular to its industrial partnerships and worldwide presence. Development challenges have already been identified in the United States and Asia.
"As part of our healthcare business, ARaymondlife, we have sales forces on every continent, particularly in Asia, India and China, and in the United States. This enables us not only to meet our customers, but also to improve our knowledge of the market" explains Audrey Raymond, ARaymond's Deputy Managing Director. We are also considering setting up a plant in the United States, to supply the domestic market as a priority.

"The US market is currently very dynamic, as their stimulus plan is ambitious in terms of innovation and relocation. India is also a booming market, with strong demand for the local market; we already have an ARaymond plant there, with a team dedicated to the healthcare sector, capable ofmanufacturing other medical devices" adds Audrey Raymond.

Over the past few years, ARaymond has chosen to accelerate its diversification, investing in sectors such as healthcare, renew able energies, construction and agriculture.
"The mobility market is facing a number of transformations and challenges. Our objective for 2030 is to accelerate our diversification. We aim to achieve 30% of the Group's total business by 2030, and 50%
by 2050 for activities linked to new markets. This will also help us to reduce our environmental footprint and achieve our CSR ambitions. In this context, the deployment of ARaymondlife is strategic"
concludes Audrey Raymond.

Patrick Delorme, new Chairman of ARaymondlife After studying plastics engineering and earning an MBA from EM Lyon, Patrick Delorme has spent most of his career in the medical device and healthcare product sectors, both in France and abroad.

At 56, after 25 years in the business, he has been appointed - in May 2023 - Chairman of ARaymondlife.
"I came to ARaymondlife for a unique business project: 66 million euros invested to develop a scale-up, it's a unique opportunity, the project of a lifetime."


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