Expertise in plastic manufacturing:
the managing of raw materials and production processes.

Expertise in plastic injection moulding

ARaymondlife has comprehensive expertise in plastic manufacturing, associated with a deep understanding of medical grade polymers and cleanroom manufacturing processes.

Understanding of raw materials and manufacturing processes

  • Mono or bi-material injection, overmoulding
  • Thermoplastic polymers: PBT, PC, PS, PA, SEBS, EVA, COC/COP,
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), 
  • Injection of polymer structure containing an active ingredient or with integration of diagnostic reagents,
  • ISO 7 cleanrooms, 
  • Recent park of injection presses from 140 to 220 metric tons with robotic unloading 6 axes or Cartesian.

ARaymondlife, injecting innovation into health care

  • Understanding of raw materials: medical grade, food grade, thermoplastic and silicone, 
  • Levels of precision: microfluidics, optical quality and sealing, 
  • Customization: colors, engraving, marking, 
  • Assembly: mechanical, welding (ultrasound and laser), 
  • Packaging: single and multiple, specific design, 
  • Cleanliness: ISO 7 Production area, washing and sterilization.

Mold manufacturing

ARaymondlife applies a comprehensive expertise for the production of the molds:

  • molds coated in stainless steel suitable for the health care industry, 
  • multi-cavity molds,
  • thermal process controls,
  • bi-material molds,
  • local network of expert moulders able to meet range of client project needs (e.g. thermoplastic, liquid silicone rubber, PEEK),
  • tool maintenance expertise of ARaymond network.

Complex assemblies

ARaymondlife is able to achieve complex assemblies with manual or semi-automatic means for small series. It is also has fully automated equipment for high  volume production.

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