the plastic alternative to aluminum caps.
the plastic alternative to aluminum caps.
the plastic alternative to aluminum caps.

Packaging: the RayDyLyo range

ARaymondlife has designed RayDyLyo, its patented closure device for sterile vials. 

Developed within ARaymondlife's engineering office, RayDyLyo is an optimized plastic closure system presented as an alternative to the aluminum cap. 

Responding to regulatory developments especially in aseptic filling (GMP appendix 1), RayDyLyo eliminates crimping for liquid and lyophilized formulations. Available in Ø13 mm and Ø20 mm for different needs. 

Two versions exist: CTO (central tear-off) for injectable products and TTO (total tear-off), in development, for product reconstitution and mixing.

An ingenious and ergonomic system

RayDyLyo is intended for healthcare industries as well as biotechnology companies, seeking unique and practical solutions. 

RayDyLyo pre-assembles the stopper in the cap saving time in the manufacturing process. 

Compared to closure by manual crimping, this system offers better ergonomics by simplifying the vial closure using vertical pressure, requiring neither crimping  nor a special tool. For the end user, the ergonomics eases use and reduces the risk of damage to gloves.

The wide choice of colors for the caps, with 11 standard colors, offers customers the opportunity to revitalize their product lines. It is also possible to develop an exclusive color.


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Associated services

Besides its RayDyLyo® product range, ARaymondlife offers clients various standardized bagged or nested packaging components compatible with gamma-ray and autoclave sterilization, a choice of capsule colours, and brand imprinting. ARaymondlife is currently developing accessories for product mixing and reconstitution to expand its RayDyLyo®range.

Accelerating production

In response to market demand, ARaymondlife has installed an automated assembly line in order to increase its production capacity. This line of multi-component assembly makes possible:

  • automated assembly of all 3 RayDyLyo components for both Ø13 mm and Ø20 mm
  • pre-assembly of the stopper in the RayDyLyo,
  • 100% in line visual inspection, particularly on stopper insertion

Aseptic filling solution

ARaymondlife and Disposable Lab have pooled their expertise to offer biotech and pharmaceutical firms a global aseptic filling solution for innovative biologics. This solution—the first of its kind—features a Disposable Lab inflatable single-use isolator and ready-to-use packaging components (Disposable Lab Pyrofree glass vials combined with RayDyLyo   plastic snap on cap with preassembled stopper). Clients can set it up in an environment that best suits their needs.
This line is intended for small batches—up to 1,500 vials holding 2–50 mL each—and makes manual filling possible. Closing the vials is easy: the one-step RayDyLyo capping system consists of stoppers pre-inserted into the plastic cap.
Find out more: www.disposable-lab.com // download the flyer


ARaymond, Schott, and Vanrx have teamed up to design an aseptic filling solution that uses an entirely automated isolator. The ARaymondlife RayDyLyo nested solution —Ø20 mm for 6 to 15R vials, and soon Ø13 mm for 2 to 4R vials—is perfectly compatible with adaptiQ® nested vials designed by Schott, a specialist in primary packaging. Nesting allows manipulation within a completely automated isolator: vials are filled and sealed at the same time in the tub, without denesting. Vancouver-based Vanrx Pharmasystems developed the SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell for use with injectable medicines. This RTU solution is unique: it guarantees sterile, reproducible manufacturing conditions. It offers greater flexibility—switching drugs  between two production runs is faster—and is clearly a timesaver. No human assistance is necessary, which guarantees sterile filling. Schott and Vanrx have partnered with ARaymondlife to propose innovative solutions in aseptic filling. Download the datasheet

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