A customized solution:
a connector developed for Virbac.

Medical devices

The company has developed a proven expertise in the design and customized manufacture of medical devices for single use and plastic accessories.

ARaymondlife provides its customers with customized support for each project.

As a solutions provider, the project teams provide a comprehensive study with innovative concepts incorporating market constraints and objectives. ARaymondlife ensures the development of the approved solution and its industrialization. 

ARaymondlife's flexibility allows it to orient its expertise towards major medical laboratories as well as small entities, beginning with the incubation phase.

An example of custom production

For the veterinary laboratory Virbac, ARaymondlife developed a connection to the E-Lock connector. This fluids connector is integrated with an innovative packaging to facilitate anti-parasitic treatment for farm livestock. Both removable and reusable, this connector is easy to use and avoids the risk of wasting costly medications. The Flexibag®/Farmpack® of Virbac incorporating the
E-Lock received an award at Pharmapacks Award 2014.

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RayDyLyo ARaymondlife

ARaymondlife presents RayDyLyo for use with nested vials  [+]

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