Customized support:
from initial request to production.


ARaymondlife has an in-house engineering office which participates in identifying the needs of its customers: pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology start-ups, actors in diagnostics and medical equipment suppliers, in support of the sales team.
ARaymondlife also relies on the support of Rayce, a center of shared expertise created in 2009, for the identification of new opportunities for its customers, or the creation of value for products, technologies, and the integration process.
In partnership with customers, technicians are designing new products in keeping with the requirements of the market and current regulations.

Comprehensive project support

ARaymondlife is involved in every stage of its customers' project development,
from understanding the need to final production.

Collaborative approach

ARaymondlife participates in collaborative projects by utilizing it's expertise and R&D. The company works with research laboratories and industrial health-related companies to design and develop innovative solutions in step with the evolution of patient treatment.

Alert to anticipating new uses and the changing needs in the field of healthcare, ARaymondlife currently participates in several collaborative projects with start-ups and scientific partners.

Products focus
RayDyLyo ARaymondlife

ARaymondlife presents RayDyLyo for use with nested vials  [+]

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