ARaymondlife in the media

Date : 01/06/15 | Category : Press article

ARamond among the three finalists for the BRED Innovation Awards | Info Economique - French version

ARaymondlife innovates with a new closure system for pharmaceutical vials at the Bref ceremony held on 10 December 2014 in Lyon. Via  … [+]

Date : 04/28/14 | Category : Press article

ARaymondlife innovation strategy | Présence Grenoble - French version

Established in 2007 out of a desire to diversify the ARaymond network based on fastening technology for animal identification, ARaymondlife has since developed innovative solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories and the medical diagnostics sector. It now focuses exclusively on these commercial sectors. via… [+]

Date : 03/27/14 | Category : Press article

ARaymondlife certified | - French version

ARaymondlife has just obtained ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (Medical devices) and ISO 15378 (Primary packaging materials for medicinal products) certification. via… [+]

Date : 02/25/14 | Category : Press article

Raydylyo®, where plastic replaces aluminium caps | Usine Nouvelle -French version

A preferred partner for the development of medical devices and packaging materials, ARaymondlife has recently launched a product developed under its own company name, which perfectly illustrates its teams' innovative capabilities. via  … [+]

Date : 02/25/14 | Category : Press article

ARaymondlife opens a new factory | Grenoble-ecobiz - French Version

ARaymondlife, a subsidiary dedicated to Grenoble-based ARaymond Group's pharmaceutical sector, is continuing with its growth for 2014 through the construction of a new factory in Saint-Égrève, enabling it to increase the surface area of its production site threefold (3,700m²), and invest in an automated assembly machine for m… [+]

Date : 02/25/14 | Category : Press article

ARaymondlife continues with its growth for 2014 | - French version

An expert in plastics processing over the past 150 years, ARaymondlife, the pharmaceutical branch of the ARaymond network, has recently opened a new factory. via… [+]


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