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Date : 10/04/18 | Category : Press article

RayDyLyo® a breakthrough innovation with multiples benefits

RayDyLyo® is an all-plastic capping solution designed to work with all ISO stopper configurations (serum and lyo). Customers select and validate the stoppers which are assembled automatically by ARaymondlife. Read the press release (click here)… [+]

Date : 10/23/17 | Category : Press article

ARaymondlife continues to develop and commercialize its RayDyLyo® range collaborating with Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging

ARaymondlife is a pharmaceutical company GMP EU, specialized in plastic injection molding and fastening solutions. Its technological expertise is applied to develop innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical laboratories (for human health and veterinary medicine) and the medical industry. Since 2012 ARaymondlife has been offering its own range … [+]

Date : 04/29/16 | Category : Press article

SCHOTT Pharma Newsflash - Insight Forum for Ready- To-Use Solutions in Aseptic Manufacturing

It’s clear that as the market becomes more complex and challenging, the pharma industry and its suppliers must become better, faster and smarter than ever before. The “Insight Forum for Ready-To-Use Solutions in Aseptic Manufacturing”, organized by SCHOTT in 2015, was designed exactly along that line. The event brought toget… [+]

Date : 02/24/16 | Category : Press article

Shorts : ARaymond | Doses Magazine

A network of independant companies, ARaymond celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the company wants to share its story. lt started as a  workshop in 1865 which became, via five generations of entrepreneurs, a major player in the field of fastening & assembly solutions for the automotive industry. ARaymond is curren… [+]

Date : 02/24/16 | Category : Press article

Freeze drying : ARaymondlife | Doses Magazine

Created in 1865, the ARaymond Network develops, manufactures and sells fastening and assembly solutions, such as the push-button that has established the notonety of the company. Its expertise in fastening and assembly solutions, globally acknowledged in the automotive industry, has been strategicalty transferred to other markets such as the health… [+]

Date : 01/22/16 | Category : Press article

ARaymondlife chose Vêpres to build it ISO7 white rooms | DeviceMed

ARaymondlife has enlisted the expertise of the company, Vêpres, to build its two new white rooms. These rooms will be used for performing injection, assembly and packaging operations, as well as quality control tests for medical and pharmaceutical products. Read more  … [+]


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