A preferred partner:
solutions tailored to the health market.
A preferred partner:
solutions tailored to the health market.


ARaymondlife draws on its expertise in plastic injection to propose solutions tailored to the healthcare market and develops its capacity to implement complex assembly and plastic connector solutions. 
Around thirty specialized employees, engineers, technicians and pharmacists, make up the strength and dynamics of this young company.

A preferred partner

ARaymondlife is equipped with specific production means under ISO clean room conditions: mono-material and bi-material injection presses, as well as automated assembly machines. Through its integrated R &D department, it offers comprehensive support for its customers' projects.

A new plant

 In June 2015, ARaymondlife opened a new 3,700-m² plant.  The facilities, which can be expanded if necessary, are divided into standardized 300-m² workshops, each specialized for a unique type of product. Every workshop consists of a 200-m² ISO 7 clean room for injection, assembly, and primary packaging, and a 100-m² area for secondary packaging.
Clean rooms are continuously monitored by a centralized technical control unit.

Products focus
RayDyLyo ARaymondlife

ARaymondlife presents RayDyLyo for use with nested vials  [+]

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