An attractive ecosystem:
close to research and technology clusters.

An enabling environment

ARaymondlife is located in Grenoble, at the heart of the Rhone-Alps region, close to research and pharmaceutical companies. The plant is located in a region home to global leaders in vaccine production; biotech firms; and major players in the human health, animal health, and diagnostic sectors. The company enjoys an ecosystem dedicated to research and innovation in close proximity to key players in fundamental research and technology clusters. 
ARaymondlife benefits from this environment of high technology and cutting-edge equipment. ARaymondlife is an active member of MEDIC @LPS, a cluster of biotechnology and medical technologies.


1, rue Louis Besançon - 38120 St Egrève - France
Phone +33 (0)476334949

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ARaymondlife is a member of the health cluster "Cluster santé Grenoble Isère (38)"

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RayDyLyo ARaymondlife

ARaymondlife presents RayDyLyo for use with nested vials  [+]

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