ARaymondlife attends the Schott Lebanon event

Date : 12/17/15

Early in 2015 the German company SCHOTT invited ARaymondlife* to take part in a forum dedicated to Ready-To-Use (RTU) aseptic filling solutions.
Schott production site in Lebanon

Ready-To-Use solutions are on the crest of a wave. SCHOTT, a leading glass vial manufacturing company, organised an RTU forum at its Lebanon plant in the United States on 16th and 17th of September. It was supported by all the stakeholders in the aseptic filling value chain. They included ARaymondlife, which had the opportunity to present RayDyLyo, its plastic push fit vial closures: an RTU solution designed to match SCHOTT's adaptiQ® ready-to-use vials. Apart from the suppliers, some forty leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies accepted the invitation to come and find out about ready-to-use aseptic filling solutions.

"SCHOTT's RTU Product Line Manager came to see us at the last Pharmapack fair", says Monia Kechiche, a sales engineer at ARaymondlife. "Their idea was to present the pharmaceutical and biotech firms with a universal RTU solution that simplifies the filling process: vials, caps, stoppers and filling equipment. We're not very well known in the US, so we jumped at this opportunity to present our products to pharmaceutical industry leaders."

In addition to ARaymondlife providing the capping element, SCHOTT presented its pre-sterilised RTU vials, whilst other partners had been chosen to present elastomer stoppers, freeze-drying and filling lines,. "As an introduction, a representative from a leading pharmaceutical company reminded attendees of the FDA's particulate contamination and process requirements, and told us about the market's needs", says Monia. "Next, each partner presented its products: for us it was RayDyLyo in the RTU nested format."

A key advantage of nested vials is that it holds them upright and prevents them from being knocked over. This is a decisive factor for highly toxic products, like those used in oncology. The advantage of using nested RayDyLyo, which has been specially designed to work with the nested vials, is that it allows the whole nest of vials to be closed at the same time, in an isolator or RABS sterile environment. "A traditional closure system, i.e. with crimped aluminium caps, is incompatible with use in isolators because of particle generation (the crimper cannot be inserted) and also because of the diameter of the crimping head, which means that you can't close the vial completely in the nest, the only solution is to de-nest and crimp individually. With RayDyLyo, it's possible to fill and close whole nests of vials at the same time", explains Monia. 

This event was the perfect opportunity to showcase ARaymondlife products alongside SCHOTT, a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, with clients in attendance. The day after the presentation, SCHOTT organised a visit to the Lebanon production site, where the RTU vials will be made. A "market place» with stands for all of the participating suppliers had been set up where it was possible for to meet the customers individually, answer their questions and provide additional information. "We had a stand where we presented RayDyLyo, and the feedback was very good. Clients were impressed by the innovative nature of RayDyLyo, a solution that simplifies the capping process thanks to its pre-assembled stopper. When they left, several laboratories said "see you later", which is usually a very good sign!"

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ARaymondlife stand at the Ready-To-Use solutions forum

* In this Article, "ARaymondlife" refers to ARaymondlife SASU – Grenoble Trade and Companies Register 501 397 012 – 1 rue Louis Besançon, 38120 St Egrève, which published this Article and is responsible for it.
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