ARaymondlife fluid connector highlighted in Pharmapack Awards

Date : 04/23/14

E-Lock connector system customized for animal health company offers removable connection
ARaymondlife fluid connector for the FlexiBag / FarmPack (Virbac)

An innovative animal health packaging device featuring an exclusive ARaymondlife* fluid connector has been recognized by the annual Pharmapack Awards, which highlights the most innovative solutions for the packaging and administration of medicines and other health products introduced to the French market each year.

The Flexibag® / Farmpack® a dual innovation developed by Virbac, a multi-national animal health pharmaceutical company based in Carros in southeastern France - was awarded a Distinction in Veterinary Medicine at the Pharmapack Awards 2014. The awards ceremony took place on the opening day of the Pharmapack Europe show, which was held in Paris on February 12-13.

The Flexibag / Farmpack innovation is a flexible packaging and administration tool designed to improve the usability of medical treatments given to animals when they are breeding.

The Flexibag is a flexible pouch which can hold up to 8 liters of animal medication, such as an anti-parasitic treatment for cattle, and is made up of a multi-layer material containing a number of complex properties that give the pouch extra strength.

The Farmpack is a rigid backpack which holds the Flexibag pouch when the farmer needs to deliver the medication. The treatment is given via a distribution system in which a plastic tube carries the medication from the Flexibag pouch to a dispenser gun with which the farmer pours the medication onto the animal. The farmer carries the pack Farmpack on his back, allowing him / her to have both hands free at all times, and performs the treatments on the animal carefully.

A key part of the distribution system that makes the innovation work is a fluid connector based on the Easy Lock (or E-Lock) device used in the automotive sector. The E-Lock is a patented quick connector that helps connect different fluids inside a vehicle.

Jean-Jacques Legat, CEO of ARaymondlife, explained that as it developed the Flexibag / Farmpack innovation, Virbac realised it needed a connector that was both removable and efficient, to allow the farmer to easily treat the animal, and also reduce the risk of accidental spillage of the medication.

“We realised that we could develop a simple and intuitive connector specifically for Virbac’s Flexibag / Farmpack innovation based on the E-Lock,” he said. ARaymondlife started working with Virbac in 2010 to help develop the solution.

The ARaymondlife fluid connector system customized for Virbac is composed of two parts. The female part of the system acts like a base plate. It can be easily attached onto the Flexibag pouch by the farmer, and forms a connector for the male part, which is the E-Lock. The male part is plugged into the female part in order to seal the connection, and to allow the medication to be released.

The male E-Lock part features a number of components including a ring made of special material an so the connection is tight and limits leakage of the treatment. The male part also features a Christmas tree-type connector, which can be easily connected by the farmer to the plastic tube, thereby allowing the medication to flow through to the dispenser gun.

“The system allows the farmer to easily give the animal the medication, and reduce risk of any loss of treatment,” explained Mr Legat. “The medications used to treat animals are very expensive, so it is very important not to lose any of the liquid.”

When the animal has been treated, and the Flexibag pouch needs to be put away, the E-Lock part is disconnected from the female part, and a blue protective cap connected to the female part is used to seal the connection again, so that no air, or any dirt or dust enters the pouch when it is not being used. The medication in the pouch may be used for several months within the limits of Virbac terms and as long as it is kept in optimum storage conditions.

When the pouch is empty, the whole process begins again. Another advantage of this E-Lock fluid connector system is that it is easy to remove, so the pouch can be changed easily and the E-Lock system utilized again when the next pouch is used by the farmer.

This new E-Lock solution has been developed exclusively for Virbac, and Mr Legat said that he hopes it will mark the start of a long partnership between ARaymondlife and Virbac. “We certainly hope to develop more products for Virbac,” he said, adding that the animal health market is increasingly important for ARaymondlife. “We are working more and more in this market. Companies like Virbac often work on products together with other innovators, so we want to develop more connectors like this in the future.”

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FlexiBag / FarmPack: packaging & administration tool for animal medication

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