ARaymondlife awarded triple certification!

Date : 05/06/14

The quality assurance approach to which ARaymondlife* is dedicated has been rewarded with three certifications, two of which cover the manufacture of medical devices and primary packaging solutions for medicinal products.
ARaymondlife, the Health Care division of ARaymond

After several audits carried out in late 2013 by LNE G-Med, the French certification organisation, ARaymondlife received certification for standards ISO 9001 (quality management systems), ISO 13485 (medical devices) and ISO 15378 (primary packaging materials for medicinal products). These certification are the result of a deliberate stance taken by the company since 2012 which has been distinguished by a rigorous adherence to procedure at every stage of production, from product  design to manufacture to sales and distribution.

For over a year, all ARaymondlife departments have rallied around this ambitious goal, with the aim of becoming a major partner of the pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics industry.

The awarding of these certifications confirms the decision by ARaymondlife to focus on the engineering and manufacture of medical devices and packaging materials.

This strategic approach opens up new development horizons related to our flagship product: RayDyLyo, an innovative closure solution for sterile vials. As a guarantee of quality, this triple certification also demonstrates a degree of versatility rarely found in the health care market.

Renewable every three years, these certifications are subject to an annual follow-up audit which requires our ARaymondlife teams to adopt an approach of continuous improvement and striving for excellence.

Contact ARaymondlife* to learn more about our certifications and our dedicated quality assurance processes for the manufacture of medical devices and primary packaging solutions for medicinal products:

ARaymondlife certifications: dedicated teams

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