Quality policy:
a process of continuous improvement.
Quality policy:
a process of continuous improvement.

Certifications adapted to the medical industry

In 2014, ARaymondlife obtained three certifications which testify to the quality of its processes, in particular for the manufacturing of medical devices and primary packaging.
The goal of the Quality Policy applied by the company is to satisfy its clients by producing products according to the following standards:


The ISO 9001 standard: 2008  

ARaymondlife is committed to a permanent process of continuous improvement.


The NF EN ISO 13485: 2012

Specifies the requirements of the quality management systems (QMS) that ARaymondlife applies to the manufacture of its medical devices.


The NF EN ISO 15378: 2012 

Takes into consideration good manufacturing practices for the design, manufacture and supply of packaging materials for medications.
It specifies, in particular, the requirements relating to the quality management of primary packaging material.

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